Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for people to work in our center at all levels (staff scientist, postdoctoral researchers, and technical staff). Personal information received regarding the application process will appropriately managed for solely the purpose of employment evaluation.

In this Center, we aim to establish a carbon nanotube industry in Japan through the development of the synthesis and application for single-wall carbon nanotubes, the development of characterization methods, the establishment and operation of pilot plants, while performing interdisciplinary research and publishing in scientific journals, like Science and Nature.

Post-Doctoral Researcher Recruitment

Status: Currently no positions available.

Technical Staff Recruitment

Status: Currently no positions available.

Assistant Recruitment

Status: Currently no positions available.

Regarding the Recruitment of Post-Doctoral Researchers

The better to fall as much as possible to the following conditions will be hope.

  • If you want to do next in the carbon nanotube nano technology
  • If you want to engage in cutting-edge research
  • If you want your research to be useful to society
  • If you possess a high passion and motivation, and a nature toward cooperation
  • If you would like to contribute to the practical application of carbon nanotubes