Supplying samples

Many groups have requested samples from us, and we feel a strong obligation to make our water-assisted chemical vapor deposition ("super-growth CVD") carbon nanotube (CNT) material available to the research community for them to make use of it and return the results to the community. As such, we are currently determining the best process to supply our samples. Unfortunately there is a very limited amount of samples that we can supply now, so we cannot accommodate every request. Please be understanding of this point. As the super-growth technology is still developing, it is improving daily. Furthermore, it is important for the success of research that we share mutual communications through joint research rather than just supply samples.

Requesting Samples

The samples we are offering now are CNTs forest material made by the super-growth technique. The forest shape and height can be tailored according to your specifications depending on the difficult, but we are always happy to consider it. In addition, we always open the information on our homepage whenever we distribute samples.

  1. Basically, we offer the sample at no cost to academic institutions, like universities and publicly funded/government laboratories. In this case we consider each request as a collaboration.
  2. Sample supply to companies. We want to support companies which conduct development with the use of super-growth carbon nanotubes. Through this sample supply, we hope to garner more collaboration in the future.

The Progress of the sample supply

  1. Please send requests via the E-mail form describing the purpose and details of the experiment as well as the necessary amount and form of the CNT material.
  2. If there is a possibility of our supplying samples, we will reply. (Otherwise, due to the abundant number of requests, we regret that we may not be able to issue a negative response.) In addition, if at all possible, we request to meet the Principle Investigator to discuss the planned experiment. We believe that this meeting is important in the research and development in the future. In order to protect certain intellectual properties, we may require the signing of a contract prior to meeting.
  3. After the meeting, we will formulate a contract for sample supply. After the signing of the contract, we will offer the sample.

Regarding the Mass Production of Super-growth CNTs

At the present time, the amount of super-growth CNTs which we can make is on the gram order from autumn 2011. We believe it will be possible to accommodate 10 gram units, which many companies have already requested. Also, we are considering a full-scale mass-production of super-growth CNTs next autumn by Zeon corporation.