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Super Growth CNT -- Nanotube Research Center

Super-Gowth inclined CNTs, Flower Super-Gowth inclined CNTs, "Flower"

We are a young and motivated team led by Kenji Hata established as one of the world leaders in the hot field of carbon nanotube synthesis and applications. Our general scope of focus is to develop original synthetic approaches to fabricate rational nanoscale materials as basic building blocks and hierarchically assemble these nanomaterials to fundamental elements for nanodevices that would then serve as functional components for applications in nanotechnology. With strong relationships with companies, we are involved in both fundamental and industrial research to create a new-industry for nanomaterials and nanotechnology.

Particularly, a strong emphasize is given to develop rational synthetic approaches based on the "Super Growth CVD" (Science 2004) to ultimately grow carbon nanotubes with completely defined structures and explore their unique properties and to develop innovative applications encompassing various fields spanning from electrochemical capacitors, actuators, and field-emission displays to rational nanodevices. Also, we are soon planning to extend our research field to nanowires. We are leading several large government projects (until 2011) whose generous funding allows us to further expand our future research as well as to aim for the next big breakthrough.

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  1. We have an extensive set of dedicated facilities that enables sophisticated research to be done rapidly. Our facilities include six dedicated lab rooms, of which three are clean rooms fully-equipped with microprocessing systems, 11 automated CVD systems, etc. for micro-processing, material syntheses and characterization.
  2. The dean of the Nanotube Research Center, AIST is Prof. Sumio Iijima, who is recognized for the discovery of carbon nanotubes. He, being one of the top scientists of the age, serves as the mentor and father of the team.
  3. Our lab is set within AIST, Tsukuba the largest government-funded research facility (with more than 2500 staff-scientists) in Japan. Tsukuba is located approximately 30 miles outside of Tokyo (45 minutes by train). We have strong relationships with many experts from various fields in AIST that enable the group to carry out our highly interdisciplinary research projects. Finally, we are a highly international group, composed of people from Japan, America, India, Poland, Korea, and China, where a couple of staffs being foreigners. We would welcome highly motivated and ambitious applicants from all around the world who would like to challenge an exciting new field of nanoscience. Let's do something exciting and new together!

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